29 September 2007


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23 September 2007

Mi Familia

the one thing that life teaches is this...that EVERYONE is family and if you lose touch with that then you have lost touch with humanity

often, the hope of the world as we know it lives in another part of the globe; or as Che saw it, the Americas are one people used by politics to remain divided both economically and politically... the US likes to poke fun at alleged dictators without recognizing where she herself may be heading...and as long as we have free speech and a constitution, that is my opinion...
...to forward a joke filled with stereotypical attitudes about people is to wage war against humanity, and the family of mankind, period...

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My DNA....gals


Asbury Park.

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Koi..and carp.

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Peace on earth...

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Outstanding in his field...

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Dog and man...sunrise.

on the go

mobile phone pictures from the summer of 2007; the dryspell of the new century...
let it snow

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Cardinals...in akebia vine

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July.... No rain since...

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Kentucky morning...

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Wildflowers in drought...

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I would watch the latest PBS documentary if it weren't so violent, horrific and full of shock and awe. I prefer to sleep peacefully at night. September 11, 2001 is still fresh in my mind; and remember, the people who attacked us were our 1991 Gulf War Allies, the Saudis! Thanks 41!

We learned alot from that war. Oil is our addiction. Oil is our curse.

shared opinion

I share a birthdate and home-state, Pennsylvania, with another American war president, Dwight Eisenhower. This one was a general and he basically said, "...nobody wins in a war."

CHEERS to all the wars said to end all future wars...
what were they thinking?

...but, on the other hand, to government contractors and corporate bidders war is always good (if not great) for the economy...unless you are $elling art.