20 December 2011

birdNEST 2010


12 December 2011

20 November 2011

Thanks KMAC Gallery

17 September 2011

13 September 2011

11 September 2011

Oak Gall

Kutztown PA


Community Park, former home of Keith Haring, pre-1980.
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WTC North Tower lobby, art


Lost along with a Miro tapestry...
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Brooklyn View from WTC

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Bernheim Forest Autumn

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Textile Sculpture

'joinery forms'
were what I called my early sculptures

hand stitched from my screen printed cottons
each sculpture (containers) were formal boxes containing
intense colors of interlocking 'blocks' (sewn from fabrics)
based on the art of
Japanese wood joinery in carpentry

these textile pieces grew from my graduate study with
Alma Lesch at the University of Louisville

Toybox for Sean
inspired by one summer day in Central Park 1976
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there are places I remember...

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2006 Nazareth KY exhibit

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Bernheim Surface
oil and acrylic
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earlier 2011...

the big apple...earlier this year 2011
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harvest moon

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08 September 2011

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft 

06 September 2011

paintings in progress 
homeland security 

05 September 2011

2011 KSF
Alma Lesch Award 


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Sept-Oct 2011


BASKETbowl Sept-Oct 2011 at KMAC on West Main

another Alma Wallace Lesch Memorial Award selected at Kentucky State Fair 2011

basketBOWL at KMAC on West Main

woven rattan and honeysuckle vine  BASKETbowl
visit Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft on West Main Street, Louisville KY, across from 21C kentuckyarts.org

12 June 2011


Summer '11

21 May 2011

13 May 2011


season of fragrant honeysuckle vine blossom in the air
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