27 February 2009

Alma Wallace Lesch database

Alma Wallace Lesch database

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24 February 2009

Paris, Rodin Museum

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Manhattan III

"Manhattan III" 1983, textile sculpture, 6" x 9" x 12"
screen printed cotton, acetate, stitching, fiber fill
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"waterfall" 1983, textile sculpture (joinery form)
screen-printed cotton, acetate, stitched and fiber fill
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23 February 2009

Shibori Package

"Shibori Package", 1983
East Meets West Publication, Japan
cotton, screen-printed cotton, dyed, stitched
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At The Races

"At the Races" 1983
textile sculpture, cotton, screen-printed acetate, fiber fill
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Ginkgo Package

"Ginkgo Package" 1983
Screen-printed cotton, acetate, stitched, fiber fill, raffia
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Degas' Derby Box

"Derby Box", textile sculpture 1983
screen-printed cotton, acetate, stitched, fiber fill
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22 February 2009

1980 Textile Sculpture

"Manhattan II: Toybox for Sean" 1980
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KIWARI, textile sculpture

1983 LVAA Auction
"Kiwari" joinery form, screen printed cotton, stitched
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Springtime with snow...

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