12 February 2009

Art is Precient

Viewed from this over the right shoulder angle, Picasso's "Head of Woman", in my opinion, explains the human form clearly and completely as a woman in profile. His muse Jacqueline (with that Jackie O. head) seems to be suggested in this attitude of the head. Taken into the 21st Century and without any disrespect to our First Lady, Michelle Obama, the dialogue in art constantly adapts to our time in which we view it. With art education, especially public sculpture as a 'commonplace', we eventually "get it". So now, having a powerful woman from Chicago, with a strong head on her shoulders, now representing the dynamic that is our American culture in The White House, coincidentally ties us to this sculpture, and it's African inspiration that Picasso appreciated before many others "got it". We the people...have transformed the political playing field into a generation and mindset that LOOKS LIKE AMERICA to me.
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